Getting Started with a Boom

This week marks one of the most exciting weeks in sports, in particular GOLF. It is the official launch of this site, and it’s Masters week. So certainly the latter is far more exciting, but it seemed fitting to tag along my site launch as The Masters opens, in my opinion, the golf season. To celebrate the launch I wanted to post my first Masters memory as it involves some “Boom.”

The first Masters Tournament I remember watching was in 1992. My dad, although not an avid golfer, always enjoyed viewing this particular golf event. And being that I had just taken up the game I found myself enthralled with all the action. My eyes were immediately drawn to Fred Couples. He had this Harrison Ford (as Han Solo or Indiana Jones) quality that I connected with since I grew up on the original Star Wars films and just loved him. Couples had a similar charisma in my eyes. So after watching all weekend and seeing him slip on the green jacket I was propelled even further into the love affair…with golf. And yes, without doubt, Freddie stood atop the golf podium as my #1.

He may not be the favorite to win this years Masters but I say you can never count him out. Good luck this week “Boom Boom.”

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