How I GOTn2GOLF, Part I

I often get asked how I got involved with golf. So I thought I would write a series of blogs about how I got into the game and where it has taken me. My path to golf was a bit unconventional since no one in my household played the game. It was a family friend who introduced me to the game that would shape my life.

Part 1: Dandelions and Tutu’s Growing up I played everything but golf – baseball, basketball, volleyball, you name it. Baseball was my first love starting at the tender age of five with tee ball, then onto coach pitch, and finally Little League. I played alongside the boys until I was about twelve, happily following around my big brother. I wanted to be wherever he was, doing whatever he was doing. I cried when I was told that I could not join the Boy Scouts of America. Big brother was happy, though, to finally not have his little sister tagging along!

My early baseball days...the lost in left field dandelion picking days! Is the sun in my eyes?

Somewhere during those coach pitch years I got into basketball and played both sports for awhile. I also had a short ballet career mixed in. Ask my mom for that video! If I find it, I will post it. By the time junior high school started I had moved on from baseball and focused solely on basketball. My seventh grade year I was selected to the junior high varsity basketball team, which was a big deal at the time. It meant that I would play varsity for my 7th thru 9th grades and then transition onto the high school varsity team. However, to this day I wonder whether I was chosen for varsity based on my basketball skills, or because I was a head taller than all of the other girls on the court. I am going to lean towards skills and ignore my awkward, stick out like a sore thumb, growing pains days.

Side note – Athens Junior High School offered grades 7th – 9th with the option of staying there for your 9th grade year or moving onto high school for the remaining 4 years. You will read in my next post how the decision I made regarding this shaped my path towards golf.

Between my 7th and 8th grade years a dear friend of mine, Jimmy Haynie, asked if I would be interested in playing golf. He had just started teaching a college golf class and invited me to come along. Willing to try most anything (remember the ballet) I happily accepted. My first day on course, first golf experience of any kind, was at Ridgewood Golf Course in Athens, TN. I remember being all over the place, but making decent contact. It was fun and frustrating all at the same time. The “bug” had bitten me though and I wanted to get back out there and keep trying. You could compare my first few golf experiences to my early baseball days – lost in left field picking dandelions. I loved being out there, yet had no idea what was going on!

To be continued…


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Dori Paschall serves as the Tennessee Golf Foundation's Regional Director for the Chattanooga Area. Dori is the fourth director to be added under the TGF's regional director umbrella. Dori Webb Paschall grew up in Athens, TN and spent her early golf years playing courses in and around the Chattanooga area. After graduating from Tusculum College in 2001 Dori began an internship with the Tennessee Golf Association and has been involved with the TGA and Golf House Tennessee for over 10 years. She is excited to bring her experience and knowledge of the business to Chattanooga, back to her roots.